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A leading Executive search in Vietnam

There are 4 reasons why you believe HRchannels Executive Search: 
1). We have more 12 years of experience in recruiting high-level personnel, have successfully recruited and contributed to the development of talents for hundreds of domestic and foreign corporations such as General Mortor, DKSH, DHL, 3M, Zamil, FPT, THmilk, Porsche Car; Hitachi; Tebodin; Spindex; Maritime Bank; Suzuki; Fujita; Fujixerox; Sumitomo; Provimi; .... 

2). Our consulting team is experienced in the field of labor market knowledge, with professional skills that can understand clearly the recruitment requirements of the business then search, interview and supply the most suitable candidates, usually supply from 1-3 qualified candidates, within 1 to 2 weeks. 

3). We own 2,000,000+ qualified candidates in more than 60 different industries ready to serve the fastest for the recruitment. In addition, we have "HuntManager Factory", a modern factory with the leading automation process (AI Technology) in Vietnam to meet the all demands of recruiting talents quickly and accurately for Enterprises. This is a pioneering effort in applying Technology throughout the decade to develop solutions to support the development of high-level human resources through the development of HRchannels.com and TalentBold.com

4). We help you cut human cost ~ 80% loss due to sudden loss of resources [*] and help your business to win all competitors. When your business machine is running smoothly, suddenly an important "chain" is broken! Do you choose to self-posting jobs or search candidates for this "chain" in 3-6 months? Or through our Executive Search service to "got" the employee in 1-3 weeks !. As a manager, you probably understand the cost of a 3-6 month loss due to the lack of the "employee" will be many times greater when choosing to "executive search service" by a very short time. It is important that your organization operates in a large, structured manner, from production to supply chain. That is why big corporations have to use us. It saves the business. It is also the best way to help small businesses to breakthrough!. It is why we exist and here to serve you!