The Nominate talent for get big prize.

Join the first nomination talent network in Vietnam

The Solution recruitment through nominate talent DevWFH-hiring network

What is nomination talent?

Is a program to help businesses find candidate resources through the network of HR freelancers to propose and recommend potential candidates.


DevWFH Hiring builds a network of HR Freelancer to connect with businesses/employers all over the world.

Talent-Hunting: A platform to create the values ​​and recognize the role of a team of freelance professionals.

  • • Completely free Registration
  • • No KPI pressure
  • • Work from home, anytime, anywhere
  • • Unlimited income
Vị trí Nhân viên Trưởng phòng Giám Đốc
Commission (VNĐ) 2.000.000 4.000.000 5.000.000

Why you should join theTalent-Hunting?

  • 1- Availability of customers, plentiful from many fields
  • 2- Clear and transparent Talent-Hunting policy with Freelancer
  • 3- The commitment to information security comes from DevWFH Hiring

HR Freelancer working process on Talent-Hunting:

  • Step 1: Sign up for an HR Freelancer account on Talent-Hunting
  • Step 2: Fill in complete information in HR Freelancer profile
  • Step 3: Select a suitable Job to nominate candidates
  • Step 4: Send your CV to the Employer
  • Step 5: Receive feedback on recommended candidates from businesses
  • Step 6: Support interviewing candidates (if required)
  • Step 7: Receive commissions according to the position of successful nominees. Completed work.


Post recruitment. Instant candidate connection. Building a brand of professional recruiters