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The Solution recruitment through nominate talent DevWFH-hiring network

what is nomination talent?

Is a program to help businesses find candidate resources through the network of HR freelancers to propose and recommend potential candidates.


Business benefits when using the program

  • Cheap recruitment cost
  • Quality candidate profile
  • Safety and Security: only pay costs when recruiting successful nominees
  • Recruit quickly: get potential candidates in the interview round by a network of thousands the HR freelancers in the world.

How does Talent-Hunting work?

Step 1: Register for an account for Employers Employers register the account to use for the Talent-Hunting at Recruitment Management Software (DevWFH Hiring)

Step 2: Select a recruitment service package Select the recruitment service package for each position through the form of payment guarantee deposit so that the employment information of the Employer is displayed and announced on the HR Freelancer network on the DevWFH Hiring system.

Step 3: HR freelancer sends CV of potential candidates HR Freelancer started looking for applications and sending potential CVs to Employer emails through the recruitment management system of DevWFH Hiring. Freelance expert network in all provinces in Vietnam and around the world.

Step 4: Get CV, filter the most suitable CV HR freelancers approach and recommend potential candidates right after the job is displayed on the system. You can access your DevWFH Hiring account every day to see notifications of potential candidates recommended. You can view the candidate profile and the HR Freelancer’s report to decide which candidate to choose for a detailed interview.

Step 5: Interview candidates Set up an online interview schedule. Use direct contact or Chat with a Recommendation Specialist to request assistance in setting up interview schedules with candidates if needed. DevWFH Hiring software will also assist businesses to choose to set up interview schedules with nominated candidates if necessary or conduct independent interviews before your company conducts final interviews with candidates.

Step 6: Select the suitable candidate and Send a Offer Letter After interviewing by your Board of Directors, congratulate you on selecting the successful candidate and send offer letter to the candidate, at the same time updating the confirmation of the admission information and the working date into the recruitment management software system -DevWFH Hiring. Based on the candidate's and corporate confirmation letter, we will proceed to issue your reward to the HR Freelancer and management fee of DevWFH Hirng according to the regulations.


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