Why devWFH?

Did you know that 86% of developers now work remotely?

Why choose devWFH from HRchannels Group?

Did you know that 86% of developers now work remotely? 

Just a few years ago, when a company had a highly specialized position to fill, it would launch a national or even global candidate search. Once a candidate was found and hired, he or she was relocated to the company’s office. In the traditional, a developer from Vietnam is difficult to work in Silicon Valley Companies or EU, Japan.  But in today’s market, the major shifts have changed the typical relocation dynamic.

Since 2005, the U.S. has seen a 115% increase in the number of employees who work from home at least half the time. In 2021, Employers truly discovered the value of remote work. The pandemic forced businesses to adapt and remove the dependence on a traditional HQ. It prompted a full migration to remote workforces and hybrid workforces in some cases.

Employers also discovered the incredible power of hiring remote talent that isn't bound to specific locations, unlocking a level of diversity and breadth of experiences that weren't possible before. Every day, we hear inspiring stories about companies finding the perfect candidates and people finding their dream careers because of remote work.

Remote work may seem like a trend, but there’s evidence here that remote jobs are in-demand. The “future of work” is now.

In Vietnam, the are not official job portal websites for the remote and work from home jobs especially in major executive categories as Data processing, Designing, Developing, Project Management, Customer services. That is why DevFWH, a member of HRchannels group is here to connect work from home employees with the leading Employers in Vietnam as well as Silicon Valley or EU, Japan

Remote job Work From Home at  devWfh.com platform respond to domestic as well as global recruitment trends. Jobs posted at devWFH.com include: WFH jobs only for a certain period of time and then converted to traditional Full-time; WFH completely; Part-time WFH combines both forms or WFH under a given Project. Jobs at devWFH are prioritized to post jobs in Vietnam and other countries that need high-quality candidates capable of working remotely for WFH for US, EU, and Japan.

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